Cake “Kiev” in accordance with GOST

Cake “Kiev” in accordance with GOST

Cakes from air meringue with nuts and the most delicate cream Charlotte – sweet and tasty, as in childhood. Try it!

For cake layers:
6 egg whites (my total proteins weighed 210 g)
47 g flour
245 grams of sugar (preferably powdered sugar)
150 grams of crushed nuts (cashews, hazelnuts or peanuts)
Vanilla powder – about 1 g (I cooked without it)

For Charlotte cream:
1 chicken egg
200 g sugar
150 g of milk
250 g butter
10 g cocoa powder
1 tablespoon of brandy
Bag of vanilla sugar


Dry the nuts in a preheated 150 C oven, and then chop. The caliber of the chops depends on your preferences – someone chops coarsely, someone chops up, personally I prefer a middle ground so that the nuts are not very large, but not too small and clearly felt in the finished cake layers.

Very carefully separate the egg whites.

It is very important that during the separation not a single gram of yolk gets into the proteins. of fat, as well as it is very important that the dishes and everything that comes in contact with them during the beating process is thoroughly degreased – dried and not containing the slightest trace of fat or moisture. In addition, it is very desirable to use “seasoned” proteins for preparing the cake. not dietary – fresh, but living in the refrigerator, say, a week. For what? The fact is that during storage, part of the water from the protein enters the yolk and, accordingly, the protein concentration of the protein molecules responsible for the volume and stability of the meringue increases.

Weigh out the separated proteins and, if necessary, recalculate the norms of sugar and flour. Alternatively, you can weigh exactly the amount of protein, which is the calculation of the recipe.

Add crushed nuts and 80% sugar to flour. Stir.

Protein with the remaining sugar, beat until resistant peaks. Use proteins at room temperature, and if they are only from the refrigerator, you can warm them up by putting them in a bowl of warm water for a short time. Begin to beat at low speed mixer, and when the proteins are well foamed, add a few drops of lemon juice, increase the speed of the mixer and beat until soft peaks. In whites, whipped to soft peaks, add sugar and beat until resistant hard peaks ie. when the peak formed on the corolla does not bend (even at its apex), it stably holds its shape. But! It is very important not to interrupt, because if you beat the proteins that have reached stable hard peaks and further, the mass will become dull and brittle, and the dough prepared on the perefried proteins will most likely fall off during baking.

In whipped whites, add a mixture of flour and nuts. Enter very carefully, from the bottom up, about the same way as you enter the flour in sponge cake.

Put the prepared dough into forms covered with baking paper. I used 2 forms – 22 and 24 cm in diameter. Smooth.

Bake in preheated 150 – 160 C oven for 120 – 130 minutes. This is according to the standards, but since everyone’s ovens are different, you may need time and temperature adjustments. For example, I bake at 130 – 140 C for about 2 hours.
*** The only addition from me: I baked for 140 C – 30 minutes, then switched to 130 C and baked for another 1 hour.

Put baked cakes in forms on a wire rack and let cool completely.

Remove the form, remove the paper.

Leave the finished cakes on the grid for 12 – 24 hours to dry. Remember that the airy dough does not transfer moisture, so keep the cake in a dry place, away from kettles and boiling pots.

Trim dried cakes.

Scraps rub into a crumb.

FOR THE CREAM, lightly beat the egg, add milk, sugar, stir everything, put on medium heat and cook with stirring until thick.

Immediately pour the thickened milky sugar syrup into the bowl, cover and leave to cool completely.

Whip butter with vanilla sugar into a fluffy mass. For best results, the oil should be around 20 ° C. slightly colder than room temperature.
Without stopping the beating, enter the cooled milk-sugar syrup in small portions. At the very end, enter the brandy cream.

Glue the cakes with a rather thick layer of cream.

In the remaining cream, add cocoa powder, stir.

Spread chocolate over the side of the cake.

Sprinkle or roll in crumbs from cakes.

Spread chocolate cream over the top of the cake.

Decorate on your own.

Put the cake in the fridge for about 1 hour to freeze the cream and serve.

Enjoy your tea!