CREAM FROM ZEFIR to any cake!

CREAM FROM ZEFIR to any cake!

The cream turns out magnificent, easy, very gentle and tasty.
It is easy and pleasant to put on any cake and the combination of marshmallow and butter flavor is very pleasant. Moreover, this cream is prepared very quickly and simply.


Marshmallow (about 90 g) – 2 pieces
Butter – 100 – 90 gr
calculation 1×1
That’s all … Well, of course, the mixer!

Marshmallow is already sweet, so do not add sugar. To paint such a cream is also not difficult, add food colors and mix.
In general, everything is the same as with the usual oil or protein cream!

Cut butter into small cubes. It can be kept at room temperature for a bit. Marshmallows put in a 0.5 liter jar (note that the marshmallows are double) and in the microwave for 30 seconds.

Marshmallow will increase in size. And here we act very quickly: we start beating the marshmallow with a mixer, putting the butter in pieces. After half the butter is mixed in the marshmallow, stop the mixer, put the jar of cream in the pan with cold water and, while continuing to beat, add the remaining butter to the cream bit by bit.

Beat for about five minutes. The cream holds its shape well and is suitable for coating and decorating cakes.