Pancakes “Flawless”. It will turn out even for beginners!

Pancakes “Flawless”. It will turn out even for beginners!
boiling water – 1.5 cups;
milk – 1.5 cups;
eggs – 2 pieces;
flour – 1.5 cups (the dough should be less than pancakes);
butter – 1.5 tablespoons;
granulated sugar – 1.5 tablespoons;
salt – 0.5 tsp;
Beat eggs with sugar, add salt and vanilla.
Next, whipping the mixture, add the milk and gradually add flour. Without ceasing to beat, pour in melted butter, and then boiling water in a thin stream.
Dough set aside for half an hour, so that all the ingredients harmoniously mixed.
And then start baking.
Pour dough into a heated pan with a thin layer, wait 1-2 minutes (moisture leaves the pancake surface), and then turn it over.
By the way, if the pan is not special, then you should pour a little bit of vegetable oil on it before baking, which should be spread with a piece of cotton or paper towel over the entire surface.
If you like pancakes with a filling, choose traditional (cottage cheese, mushroom, berry, etc.) or invent your own.
Have a nice feast!