Waffles with condensed milk

Waffles with condensed milk

It is not necessary to spend a lot of time to prepare a delicious dessert. Ingredients require wafer sheets and boiled condensed milk. Lubricate the sheets with condensed milk, give soak and dessert is ready.

🍒 Ingredients:
waffles – 1 pack
condensed milk – 500 gr.

1. For the preparation of dessert, you can use any number of wafer sheets, the main thing is that it was enough condensed milk. Boiled condensed milk can be prepared at home. Put a jar of condensed milk in a saucepan, fill it with water, boil over low heat after boiling for 3 hours and cool.

2. One sheet of wafer is greased with boiled condensed milk.

3. Cover the top with another sheet.

4. Lubricate and repeat with all sheets.
5. Wafers with condensed milk we wrap with cling film and, in order to better saturate the sheets, lay a thick book on top. So leave for the night.

6. Ready waffle dessert with condensed milk is cut into squares or diamonds and immediately served with your favorite drinks. Enjoy your meal!!!